Summer and vacation camps 
for kids and teens, located in Waltham, MA

Bus Information

For 2021, we are planning to offer Bus Transportation with limited capacity for our summer programs as long as state and local guidelines allow. Our buses have stops in the following towns: Arlington, Lexington, Winchester, Belmont, and Somerville. You can view the specific bus stops for each town by downloading the provided PDF located to the right.

Our bus transportation is set-up as an option for a full two-week session for our campers.  While we understand that there may be individual days throughout the summer where a parent may wish to change the pick-up plans for a camper rather than have them ride the bus, families are still required to pay for the full session of bus service.  We ask that all changes or cancellations of bus plans be made with at least two weeks' notice.  We will be unable to offer a refund for changes or cancellations made with less than two weeks' notice.

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about our bus procedures. Please contact the camp office if you have any additional questions.

Bus Stops PDF Download

Extended Day Program

Our Extended Day program offers families the option of having their campers with us at camp for a longer day to accommodate their schedules. 

For 2021, we plan to offer Extended Day as long as local guidelines and staff availability allow.

During morning Extended day, campers typically engage in art activities or board games.  For the afternoon, many campers like to relax after their very busy, structured day at camp.  Each afternoon, campers have a snack, then choose to go swimming, play cards, do simple Arts & Crafts activities (i.e. gimp, coloring, etc), or play a more active game on the field. Some children choose to spend this time reading a book, building Legos, or simply talking with friends.  

Morning Extended Day runs from 7:15 a.m. - 8:15 a.m., and afternoon Extended Day runs from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. For staffing purposes, campers must be registered for Extended Day on a full two-week session basis, and we require two-weeks notice of any changes or cancellations of Extended Day registration. We will not offer a refund for cancellations of Extended Day if the request is made with less than two-weeks notice. Campers can be dropped off at any time during morning Extended Day and picked up any time prior to 6:00 p.m. during afternoon Extended Day. 

Bus & Extended Day FAQs

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. How early can I drop off my child on campus?  How late can I pick them up?

    The earliest a camper may be dropped off for morning Extended Day is 7:15.  The latest a camper can be picked up from afternoon Extended Day is 6:00 p.m.  We resereve the right to charge an additional fee of $1 per minute for each minute that you are late for pick-up.  
  • Q. What time should I be at the bus stop with my child?

    Please be at the pick-up/drop-off point at least five minutes before the designated time.  In the morning, we ask that you stay with your child until the bus arrives.
  • Q. How will I know it is the Running Brook bus?

    The bus company is Local Motion. It will be a standard size, yellow school bus and it will have a Running Brook Day Camp magnet on the door side of the bus.
  • Q. What if I am late getting my child to the stop in the morning?

    If your child is not at the stop when the bus arrives, the driver will wait a minute or so beyond the designated time, but will then need to leave.  If you arrive after the vehicle has left, you can try to meet it at the next stop, or you can drive your child to camp.  You can also call the camp office (781-314-0994) so that one of our staff can get in touch with your child’s bus monitor to arrange an alternate plan if appropriate.  Please do not attempt to get the bus driver to stop the bus.
  • Q. What if the bus is running late in the morning?

    We ask that you remain with your child until the bus arrives.  It is rare for one of the busses to ever be more than a few minutes late.  If this happens regularly, we may need to adjust the times of the various stops, and we will inform you if any official changes are made.
  • Q. What if someone other than me needs to pick up my child from the bus stop or Extended Day?

    Another adult can pick up your child from the bus stop or Extended Day, as long as you have already approved them on our Authorized Pick-Up form when you completed registration.  If they are someone you have not already approved, we ask that you call the camp office (781)314-0994 as soon as possible to add the person to your approved list.
  • Q. What if I am late getting to the stop to pick up my child in the afternoon?

    If you are not at the stop when the bus first arrives, we will try to call you as soon as possible to let you know the whereabouts of the bus and to decide on the most efficient method for you to pick up your child. The bus will need to continue on its route.  If necessary, the bus monitor will remain with your child at the final stop until you arrive. You will be charged $15 for every 30 minutes the monitor has to wait with your child. If you know ahead of time that you are not going to be at a stop on time, please call the camp at 781-314-0994. Someone can then help you decide on the best course of action.
  • Q. Can my child walk home from the bus stop?

    Our policy is that any campers who have completed 5th grade or higher are allowed to walk home from the bus stop.  Younger siblings can walk with them.  You must contact the office first to obtain a Walker Waiver form to be completed prior to our allowing your child to walk home.
  • Q. Do the bus stops or scheduled times change at all during the summer?

    Once the summer has begun, there may be slight adjustments in the actual pick-up and drop-off times.  Please check with the bus monitor on the first day you use the transportation system to see if any changes have been made.
  • Q. What if I need to change the bus or Extended Day arrangements for my child?

    For your child’s safety, all changes need to be made through the camp office.  Please call (781-314-0994) and give us 2 weeks notice of any necessary changes.  We will not offer a refund for the bus or Extended Day fees if changes are requested with less than two weeks notice.  Please do not inform the bus monitor or Extended Day staff.
  • Q. What happens during Extended Day if it is inclement weather?

    If there is inclement weather, our staff will be positioned on campus to greet you upon your arrival to drop-off or pick-up your child, and will direct you where to go.  Extended Day will typically move to the gymnasium during inclement weather.