Summer and vacation camps 
for kids and teens, located in Waltham, MA

Summer 2021 Update

We have made some changes to the programs that will be offered for the summer of 2021. To see a full list of available programs and up-to-date registration information, please visit the 2021 Updates section on our homepage.

Recent Episodes of RBC-TV

Welcome to RBC-TV

Welcome to Running Brook Camps TV, aka, RBC-TV. Beginning on February 20th, you can join us every Saturday at 10AM to get an inside look at camp, meet our counselors and staff, and see fun video clips from our incredible campers! 

How to watch:
On Saturdays at 10AM, the newest episode of RBC-TV will premiere in two places:

The RBC Facebook Page
The RBC YouTube Channel

How to get involved:
Each week we will feature videos sent in from our campers. We have on-going categories of videos, and a special video theme each week. You may submit as many videos as you'd like! Please see the form on this page for instructions on how you can submit your own. Our goal is for this to be a fun, informative, and interactive weekly show, and we look forward to seeing all your fun videos!

If you have any questions about RBC-TV email RBC's Marketing Coordinator, Crystal Soule at

Submit your videos here

See you on the next episode!

RBC-TV Tips on Recording

How to make your videos extra awesome:

1. Try and remember to hold your phone sideways in landscape mode, <----->. If you forget it's OK.
2. If someone is talking in the video, make sure to get nice and close so we can hear them.
3. If they are inside, make sure there isn't a window behind them, it can make it difficult to see.
4. Don't worry about editing. If your clip has extra time at the beginning or end, we can edit it.
5. Have fun! These videos are all about seeing the amazing personalities of our campers.

Video Theme of the Week:

Tour of Camp!

Types of Videos

Here are ideas for videos you can send. Do you have an awesome idea that doesn't fit into one of these categories, we'd still love to see it!

Submit your videos here!

Themed Video of the Week (Make sure to send before Tuesday to be included in the next episode!): Each week we have a different theme that we're asking our community to share videos about. Make sure to watch the newest episode to see what the current theme is.

Hidden Talent: Have a hidden talent, record a video showing it off, and be ready to blow the minds of our audience!

Camper Joke: We LOVE camper jokes so much that we start each morning meeting with them. Now you can record yourself telling your best jokes, we can't wait to hear them.

Art Work/Camper Creation: Have you created/built something awesome? Record a video showing it off.

RBC Spirit Picture/Video: We love seeing campers showing off their RBC gear. Have a Running Brook shirt or hat? Put them on and take a fun photo/video to share.

Camper Questions: Do you have a question about camp? This is your chance to record your question for Camp Jim to answer.