Summer and vacation camps 
for kids and teens, located in Waltham, MA

2020 Tuition

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  • Day & Vacation Camp Tuition

    Vacation Camps (Feb. 17th-21st, April 20th-24th)
    $575 5-Day (M-F)
    $500 4-Day (T-F)
    Summer Day Camp
    $785 Discovery Days week (June 22nd-26th

    $695 per week if enrolling for 1-3 weeks
    $635 per week if enrolling for 4-6 weeks
    $555 per week if enrolling for 7-8 weeks

  • Leadership Training Program Tuition

    LTP tuition is for the minimum 4-week session.
    Session I is June 29th-July 24th, Session II is July 27th-Aug 21st

    First-year LTP: $1900/Session
    Second-year LTP: $1280/Session
  • Adventures Tuition

    Winter & Spring Adventures (grades 3-7)
       $675 5-Day (M-F)
       $600 4-Day (T-F)
    Day Trekkers (grades 3-5)
        Weekly Tuition with Camping: $785 
        Weekly Tuition without Camping: $735

    Voyagers (grades 5-7)
        Session 1 (June 29th-July 10th):  $1580
        Session 2 (July 13th-July 24th):  $1630
        Session 3 (July 27th-August 7th): $1630
    Explorers (grades 7-10)
         Session 1 (June 29th-July 10th):  $1780
         Session 2 (July 13th-July 24th):  $2010
         Session 3 (July 27th-August 7th ): $1780

    Adventure On! (grades 3-10)
         Ropes (August 10th-14th): $785
         Wheels (August 10th-14th): $850/$890 
         Water (August 17th-21st): $785
         On Demand (August 10th-21st): $785

  • Arts Camp Tuition

    Intro to Visual Arts (grades 3-5)
    Available June 29th- August 21st
    Weekly Tuition:  $735

    Visual Arts (grades 6-8) 
         Session 1 (June 29th-July 10th):  $1475
         Session 2 (July 13th-24th): $1475
         Session 3 (July 27th-August 7th): $1475
         Session 4 (August 10th-21st): $1475

    Performing Arts (grade 3-8)
    Session 1 (June 29 - July 10):  $1475
         Session 2 (July 13-24): $1475
         Session 3  (July 27-August 7): $1475

2020 Fees and Discounts

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  • Registration Fee & Required Deposit

    Registration Fee:  $50 per child (per calendar year)

    Required Deposits:
    $400 for each summer Day Camp & LTP registration
    $400 per two-week session of Adventures & Arts
    $200 per week for Discovery Days, Day Trekkers, Intro to Arts, and Adventure On!
    *Vacation camp tuition is due in full upon registration*

    All Registration forms and payment in full are due March 1st. 
  • Available discounts

    Sibling discount:
    If you have registered 2 or more campers, each for a minimum of 4 or more weeks of programming, you will receive a 5% discount off of tuition for the child with the lowest tuition total. The sibling discount does not apply to Vacation camps, Discovery Days or LTP programs. 

    Waltham Discount: 10% off summer camp tuition for campers that are Waltham residents.
  • Tuition Assistance

    We have tuition assistance available to families for our summer camp programs. An application can be obtained through the camp office and must be submitted along with a copy of a full tax return by February 1st, 2020. You must contact the office about your application prior to completing the online camper registration.  Final decisions on disbursement of funds will be made by February 15th.
  • Bus Transportation Rates

    $30 /week each way
  • Extended Day Rates

    Vacation Camps Extended Day:
    5-Day (M-F) 
    $25 for A.M. Extended Day 
    $100 for P.M. Extended Day
    4-Day (T-F)
    $20 for A.M. Extended Day
    $80 for P.M. Extended Day

    Summer Camp Extended Day:
    $50 per week for A.M. Extended Day (7:15 am –8:15am)
    $150 per week for P.M. Extended Day (4:00 pm – 6:00 pm)

Registration & Payment Policies

  • All registration forms and full payment for each camper registered must be submitted by March 1st. Failure to complete registration paperwork and/or not submit full payment by March 1st will result in our moving your child(ren) to the end of our wait-list.  The space in their group will be given to the next camper on the wait-list.
  • January 31st is our commitment day. This means that prior to this date you can cancel part of your registration (cannot exceed two weeks) and be refunded your camp tuition.  Any changes made after January 31st are not subject to refund unless we can fill your spot at the time of the change. 
  • Vacation camp tuition is due in full upon registration, and all forms and changes to registration are due January 10th for Winter camp and March 1st for Spring Camp.