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Below you will find answers to many frequently asked questions. If your question is not addressed here, please go ahead and contact the Camp Office! You can call us at (781) 314-0994 or email us at runningbrookcamp@chch.org.


List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What are the dates of summer camp?

    For Summer 2024, our programs are in session from June 24th through August 16th. Camp runs in four two-week sessions:

    Session 1: June 24th - July 5th * 
    Session 2: July 7th - July 19th
    Session 3: July 22nd - August 2nd
    Session 4: August 5th - August 16th **

    * All Running Brook Camp programs are closed for the July 4th holiday.
    ** We will have an early dismissal at 2:00pm on the last day of camp (August 16th).
  • Q. Can I schedule a chat or tour prior to the first day of camp?

    Sure! We would love to connect with you. In order to schedule a phone call or tour of campus, please send an email with your availability to Alyssa Nastri (anastri@chch.org) or call the Camp Office directly at 781-314-0994.
  • Q. When does registration open?

    Returning families can register for the 2024 season on November 1, 2023. Registration for new families opens on November 6, 2023.
  • Q. Are friend requests guaranteed?

    No - but we do our very best! Our incredible team in the Camp Office works hard to accommodate requests, but it can be tricky due to the sheer number of campers we enroll each season. Please note that all friend requests must be mutual in order to be considered.
  • Q. Does my preschooler need any specific skills?

    Yes! We have a few developmental requirements in place for safety and group management reasons. First and foremost, all campers must be fully potty trained. Please refer to this CHECKLIST to determine if your kiddo is ready for camp!

Camp Office

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Where is the Camp Office located?

    The Camp Office is located on the first floor of East Hall, which is the large gray Victorian house near the pools. You can pull into the first parking lot on the right after you enter campus. There are signs to direct you!
  • Q. Where do I go to pick my camper up early?

    You will meet your camper in the Camp Office for early pick-up.  Please do not wander around camp looking for your camper! At no time will we release a camper to you or any other adult without having them check-out through the Camp Office.
  • Q. What should I do if my camper is running late in the morning?

    Yes, please! If you know your camper will be late (e.g. doctor's appointment, travel plans, etc.), please contact the Camp Office via email or phone call.

    If you arrive at camp after 8:45am, please bring your camper straight to the Camp Office and we will ensure they get to their group. You can pull into the first parking lot on the right as you enter campus.
  • Q. How do I change my camper's transportation plans?

    If you want to make a change to your camper's end of day transportation (car pick-up instead of bus / Extended Day), please contact the Camp Office before 2:00 p.m. on the day of the change. You may also let us know further in advance!

    We will be unable to offer a refund for changes or cancellations to bus service or Extended Day programming made with less than two weeks notice.

    For the safety of all of our campers, we require that all communication with us regarding any changes to their usual camp-day routine be done through the Camp Office.  Your adherence to this policy helps us to ensure the safety of all of our campers. Please do not attempt to inform us of any changes through conversations with bus monitors, Extended Day staff or through a note delivered by your child.
  • Q. What should I do if my camper will be absent?

    Please contact the Camp Office as soon as possible to let us know. You can call us at (781) 314-0994 or email us at runningbrookcamp@chch.org. 

    If you do not contact us prior to your camper's absence, we will follow up with a phone call upon receiving the group's attendance sheet.


List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What does my camper need to bring to camp each day?

    Check out a list of items to bring HERE! If your camper is enrolled in our Adventures program, you will receive a separate list of items to pack.
  • Q. Where can I find my camper's schedule?

    Group assignments will be included in the June 1st welcome email, as will as a link to the schedules. Adventures itineraries will be emailed to families at least two weeks prior to the first day of each session. Please note that small changes may be made leading up to and throughout the summer for logistical purposes.
  • Q. What are the expectations of camp? 

    Essentially, we expect all campers to be safe and have fun. We know that every camper brings their own level of skills and development to our program and strive to meet them where they are at. For more information about our bandwidth in supporting campers, please refer to our CAMPER SAFETY AND SUPPORT PLAN

    Additionally, our community relies on open and honest communication between all systems to allow for support and strategies to be put in place. As a caregiver, our community expects that you will reach out to us directly with any concerns that may surface to give us an opportunity to investigate, collaborate and process together. Failure to comply with the family partnership expectations can result in the termination of your participation in our community with no refund.
  • Q. Can I visit my camper during the camp day?

    No. Parents are not allowed to wander around campus to look for their camper at any time. Parents must come directly to the Camp Office when they arrive on campus, unless for regular car drop-off or pick-up.

    If you need to deliver a forgotten item to your camper, you may drop it off at the Camp Office and we will ensure it gets to your camper.
  • Q. Do you offer transportation for summer camp?

    Yes! We offer bus transportation to several local communities through Local Motion bus company. Click HERE for more information about the bus!

    Please note that campers in our Preschool group must be accompanied by an older sibling in order to enroll in bus transportation. 

    If you are registered for bus transportation to and / or from camp, please refer to this BUS INFO SHEET for additional information.
  • Q. What snacks are provided at camp?

    We provide each camper with one snack per day. We offer either a fresh fruit or a crunchy snack (e.g. pretzels or animal crackers).

    You are more than welcome to send your camper with additional snacks, as long as they are nut-free. Please consider doing this if your camper gets extra hungry during busy days!
  • Q. Is lunch provided at camp?

    Yes! Every camper is provided with a lunch each day . If your camper is not interested in the camp lunch offerings, you may pack a lunch for your camper as long as it is nut-free.  

    HERE is the lunch menu. Please note that the meal options are subject to slight changes leading up to and throughout the summer.

    Adventures campers will need to pack lunch each day (unless otherwise specified) because they will be off-campus.
  • Q. Will I get regular updates about how my camper is doing?

    Not necessarily! We live by the "no news is good news" policy - with the size of our camp, we are unfortunately not able to provide regular updates about the ins and outs of each camper's day. If anything comes up at camp (e.g. behaviors, emotional needs, counselor questions, etc.), a member of the Leadership Team will reach out. 

    Please feel free to reach out to the Alyssa with specific questions (anastri@chch.org). From there, a member of the Leadership Team will be in touch with answers and / or a plan within 24 hours.
  • Q. Can my camper bring technology to camp with them?

    No, thank you! We ask that our campers and staff members leave technology at home so they can fully focus on the joy of camp. Please note that campers may not use technology to contact their families for early pick-ups - all communication must go through the Camp Office to ensure camper safety at all times.
  • Q. Are there any themes or dress-up days I should know about?

    Why, yes! Thank you for asking! HERE is our schedule of dress-up days and special events. Dress-up days are totally optional, so go with whatever your camper feels most comfortable with. 

    We also have Popsicle Tuesdays and Wacky Tacky Silly Sock Wednesdays every week!
  • Q. How do I care for the tie dye that my camper brought home?

    Great question! Here are the steps for washing out a tie dye:

    1. Let it steep in plastic bag for at least 8 hours.

    2. Remove from plastic bag and rinse with cold water. Leave the rubber bands on and use gloves for this step! Rinse until the water runs clear.

    3. Remove rubber bands and give it another rinse. Wring it out!

    4. Wash tie dye using detergent in hot water - be sure that it is the only thing you are washing, as there is likely still excess dye that will seep out. 

    5. Air dry and enjoy!

    Please note that you may have to repeat these step-by-step instructions a few times prior to washing your tie dye with other clothing.

Swim Program

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Is swimming included in every program?

    Yes! We are thrilled to announce that all of our programs now include a swimming component. Our Day Camp programming includes free swim and swimming lessons. All other programs feature regular opportunities for free swim in our campus pools. 
  • Q. What do I need to know about swimming at camp?

    All campers in the Day Camp program have one hour of swimming  time (half lessons, half free swim) built into their schedule. Campers in our Creative Arts, Adventures, and Leadership Training Program groups will also have opportunities for free swim throughout the week. 

    The swim program is leveled - lifeguards will evaluate campers on the first day of the session to ensure that they are in the correct lesson and / or pool placement. Campers are grouped by skill, not age.

    If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to our Pool Director (Sarah Coscia - scoscia@chch.org)!
  • Q. How do swim levels work?

    Check out this FLOWCHART for information about swim levels and a comparison to other local programs.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. How does drop-off work in the morning?

    Car drop-off begins at 8:15am and ends at 8:45am. Further information and a visual plan for drop off can be found in our Family Handbook. Morning assembly occurs between 8:45am and 8:55am.
  • Q. How does pick-up work in the afternoon?

    Car pick-up begins at approximately 3:30pm and ends at 4:00pm. Please be prepared to wait in the car line for a while - especially towards the beginning of each session - because we need to check the I.Ds for adults in each car for safety purposes.

    We ask that you complete this windshield name card document in order to speed up the pick-up process. Please print out the PDF and fill it out with your camper's information (name and group).

    Only adults who are on your camper's Authorized Grown-Up list can pick your camper up. You will have until June 15 to add or make changes to your camper's Authorized Grown-Up list on your CampInTouch account. After June 15, please contact the Camp Office with any changes you want to make.

    For the safety of all our campers, our staff will not release your camper to anyone who you have not previously authorized by following this process.
  • Q. Can my camper walk home from camp or the bus stop alone?

    Yes, but only if they have completed 5th grade or older. If you would like your camper to walk home, please complete the Walker Waiver form on CAMPINTOUCH for our records.
  • Q. Do you have an Extended Day program?

    Yes! Click HERE for more information about our morning and afternoon Extended Day programs.

    If you are enrolled in our Extended Day program, you can find a helpful Info Sheet HERE.


List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Is it possible for trips to be cancelled?

    Yes. Our trips are dependent on maintaining an appropriate counselor-to-camper ratio according to ACA standards. Trips are subject to cancellation if we cannot meet staffing expectations. Also, in order to provide participants with a rewarding group experience, each trip will require a minimum number of campers (typically 8 or more) in order to run. 
  • Q. What if I need to pick my Adventures camper up early?

    Early dismissals from Adventures camp are challenging to coordinate as the groups are off-campus until at least 3:15pm every day. If your camper is in the Excursions or the Day Trekkers program, please contact Kirsten Alper (kalper@chch.org) to formulate an early pick-up plan. If your camper is in the Voyagers or Arts Away program, please contact Eric Burke (eburke@chch.org) to formulate an early pick-up plan.
  • Q. What do Adventures campers need to bring to camp each day?

    Adventures campers should bring the following items to camp each day: lunch, snack, large water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, bathing suit, and towel. As activities change based on the weather, we ask that campers also come prepared with footwear for any activity (i.e. sneakers, socks and flip flops / water shoes).  

    n a confirmation packet you will receive prior to camp, there will be a letter detailing supplies needed for specific activities as well as a packing list for the camping trip.
  • Q. What about lunch?

    Each camper needs to bring their own non-refrigerated lunch, drink and snack each day during the day trip portion of the session. For overnight camping trips, campers need their lunch for the first day of the trip, as well as snack money. We supply the food for the remainder of the trip.
  • Q. Where do the campers go for their day trips?

    The day trip sites are all within a one-hour drive from camp. In past years, these activities have included rock climbing, hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, beach days, high ropes, and museum visits. A detailed schedule of activities will be sent via email two weeks prior to your scheduled session.
  • Q. What if my camper has never tried some of the activities?

    We love helping campers experience new adventures and step out of their comfort zone! That being said, activities such as hiking and biking require some level of comfort to ensure that the whole group can move together at an appropriate pace. Please contact the Camp Office before signing up if you are not sure about your camper’s comfort level.
  • Q. Does every program have a camping component?

    The Excursions program does not have a camping component.

    The Day Trekkers program features one night of camping on a campground within an hour of the Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall campus. Camping will take place on the second Thursday of each session. The only exception to this occurs during Session 1, when camping will occur on a Tuesday evening (July 2nd) rather than a Thursday evening due to the July 4th holiday.

    The Voyagers program features a two-night camping trip beginning on the second Wednesday of each session. 

    The Arts Away program does not have a camping component.

    The camping trips are typically the highlight of the session and offer awesome opportunities for the campers to really engage in the experience. We work with campers to ensure that they are ready and comfortable with the camping trip. There is not an alternative on-campus plan for Day Trekkers / Voyagers should they chose not to attend.

Day Camp Info Session

Creative Arts Info Session


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