Campanion: A Whole New Way to Camp

We are thrilled to introduce a new program to strengthen the connections between all of our community members! So much happens in a single day at summer camp - the history, the friends, the activities, and countless memories being created. Campanion is a mobile app that puts all of your camp photos, forms, updates, and memories in one place. This makes it easy for you to experience your camper’s moments alongside them. Click the appropriate link below from your mobile device to get started!

Mobile Forms

Streamlined Process: The Campanion App can be used to enroll campers and complete forms on your mobile device. Checking off those items on your to-do list has never been so quick and easy! You can view the complete overview of forms that are required in order to complete your camper’s registration and enrollment. Just click on the registration link after downloading the app.

Easy Uploads: Health forms can be downloaded, emailed to doctors, and then uploaded as PDFs right to a camper’s profile. Paper forms are just as hassle-free thanks to the document scanning tool. Like depositing a mobile check, all you need to do is point your phone at the form!

Camper Photos

Photo Stream: We will upload pictures throughout the week to provide you with a visual connection of the camp day and activities. This is a great way for you to view photos of your special camper. Campanion takes the photos we create at camp and organizes it into a curated stream for you to download and share with family and friends!

Tagged Photos: The Campanion mobile app allows you to connect with your child’s camp experience through a personalized stream of content using an opt-in Face Finder technology. Upload a photo of your camper, then let Face Finder do the rest, finding and delivering pictures of your child directly to you. 
Please note that CampMinder is still developing this technology. If you encounter any technical issues, please contact their customer support at 303-444-2267 or check out their FAQ PAGE for more information.


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