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The Young Leaders program at Running Brook represents the third year of opportunity within our Leadership Training Program, but offers a distinctly different type of training experience.  The program is intended for those who have completed two summers in our Leadership Training Program, and are eager for the opportunity for a greater degree of independence and responsibility.

Our Young Leaders Program

The program is structured into two, 4-week sessions, and we typically only accept 4-5 Young Leaders for each session.  In order to be considered for the program, applicants must have a positive recommendation from their two years of experience as an LTP.  Candidates must complete our full staff application, indicating "Young Leader" as the position for which they are applying.  Once accepted into the program, Young Leaders must go through the same background check process as our full-time staff and are required to attend our staff training sessions prior to the start of camp.  Young Leaders are not paid a salary for their work at camp.  The experience is meant to be more like an internship experience.

During their time at camp, Young Leaders spend the majority of their time working with our campers in their groups.  Young Leaders may be helping to fill-in for a group that needs some additional support, they may be assisting a camper or campers who could benefit from some more individualized support, they may be helping with a special activity, and also can assist one of our activity specialists.  Our goal is to tailor the experience of each of our Young Leaders based on their strengths, areas of interest, and skill development.  We also incorporate mini-training sessions with different camp administrators on specific topics that are relevant to child development and the camp setting. 

Participants who perform well as a Young Leader are among the first to be considered for full-time staff positions for the following summer.
My child has been waiting years to be an LTP and has been so excited that she is finally old enough!


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