Waltham Family School & Running Brook Camps Partnership

Since 2010, Running Brook Camps has continued to build upon their established partnership with the Waltham Family School by ensuring every student heads into the school year excited and with essential supplies. The number of backpacks and the amount of school supplies has continued to grow each year.

At Running Brook, campers are recognized for different ways they exhibit the six core values of camp: challenge, celebration, creativity, community, compassion, and cooperation. This annual project highlights the compassion they show for families in their community. 
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2023 Waltham Family School Wishlist

75 New Kid Backpacks along with the following items for each:
Backpacks (Fulfilled ✅)
Markers (Fulfilled ✅)
Crayons (Fulfilled ✅)
Colored Pencils (Fulfilled ✅)
Pencils (Fulfilled ✅)
Pencil sharpeners (Fulfilled ✅)
Pens (Fulfilled ✅)
Glue sticks (Fulfilled ✅)
Kid scissors (Fulfilled ✅)
Rulers (Fulfilled ✅)
Folders (Fulfilled ✅)
Notebooks (Fulfilled ✅)

35 New Parent Backpacks along with the following items for each:
Parent Backpack (Fulfilled ✅)
1-inch binders (Fulfilled ✅)
Dividers (Fulfilled ✅)
Lined paper (Fulfilled ✅)

Teacher supplies:
Post-it notes (Fulfilled ✅)
Dry erase markers (Fulfilled ✅)
Tissues (Fulfilled ✅)

35 Art Kits for Winter Break: 
Watercolors kits (Fulfilled ✅)
Watercolor paper (Fulfilled ✅)
Model Magic (Fulfilled ✅)
Play-Doh (Fulfilled ✅)

Winter items:
20 - Kids size 3-6 snow pants and/or snow bibs (Fulfilled ✅)
Lightly worn winter jackets (Fulfilled ✅)
Winter hats (Fulfilled ✅)
Winter gloves (Fulfilled ✅)


785 Beaver St.
Waltham, MA 02452
Phone: 781-314-0994
Fax: 781-894-5706
Email: runningbrookcamp@chch.org

Director: Kenna Weber, L.M.F.T.

Office Hours: We are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please give us a call with any questions that you have, or to schedule a personal tour.