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Leadership Training at RBDC

Our Leadership Training Program is a highly structured, goal-oriented opportunity for students who have completed 7th, 8th or 9th grade and are motivated to become leaders, to learn and practice the various skills necessary for working with younger children, and to learn a great deal more about themselves in the process.

While most of our LTPs have been campers with us, this is not a pre-requisite for the program.  We welcome any students to apply who are excited to have the opportunity to be part of an intensive group experience where they will work closely with some of our youngest campers in a structured, progressive learning environment.

For summer 2017, the LTP program is in session from weeks 2-9 (June 26-August 18).  “LTPs” can apply for either four or eight weeks in the program. In order to be considered for future leadership opportunities or employment at Running Brook, LTPs must be part of the program for a minimum of 4 weeks during each of two summers with us.

How do I apply for the program?

Students who are applying for their first summer in the program must complete a written application. After the application is reviewed by our LTP Director, the candidate may be contacted for a face-to-face interview, particularly if we have not known them as a camper. If the candidate displays the appropriate readiness for the demands and responsibilities of the program, and there is an available space, they will be accepted to the program. The LTP’s are then required to attend a training day with the LTP Director during the week before the start of camp in June, regardless of which weeks of the program they will be attending.
At the end of their first summer in the program, each LTP will be given a formal written evaluation of their work by the LTP Director, which includes whether or not they are being recommended for a second year in the program. Those students invited for a second summer will receive a letter during the following winter inviting them back, and therefore they do not need to have another face-to-face interview.

For an application to our LTP program, click here:  LTP Application

So what do LTP's do at camp?

Over the course of two summers with us, our LTPs go through a progression of training and learning opportunities that we believe will not only help to prepare them for the opportunity to work with young children at some point in the future, but will also develop their skillset as leaders, their confidence among their peers, and their character within the broader community.

First-year and second-year LTPs follow different schedules and have different learning opportunities and experiences within their group. First-year LTPs are assigned to work with younger camper groups for the first half of each camp day, typically working with the same group for a two week span.  They may also be assigned as an assistant to a specific activity specialist if this is of interest to them and when deemed to be an appropriate fit by our LTP Director.  They work within their group or activity assignment for the entire morning, Monday - Friday.  LTPs receive direct and ongoing feedback and supervision from the group counselors (or specialist) with whom they are assigned, as well as from the LTP Director. The LTPs reconvene as a group for lunch, and then spend their afternoons following a structured schedule of regular camp activities. For our Friday afternoon special events, LTPs join in the fun, and are also given the opportunity to choose to assist in the activities with the younger campers.  A good portion of the week for the LTPs is also spent debriefing and processing their experiences with campers in the mornings, engaging in team-building activities and discussion/self-reflection activities focused on leadership styles.

Second-year LTPs spend their mornings at camp in a variety of different learning contexts.  They will have the opportunity to go off-campus for some community service, they will have some classroom-based instruction from different camp administrators, and they will have some experiential, adventure-based activities off-campus.  Each day, they will spend their afternoon assigned to work with a younger camper group or an activity specialist, so that they still spend a large percentage of their time in direct work with our campers.  As an added highlight, the second-year LTP group will travel off-campus during their 3rd week in the program for a two-night overnight camping expedition, giving them a more intensive team-building opportunity.  

Although the majority of our current Junior Counselors were participants in the Leadership Training Program at some time, participation does not guarantee a position working on staff at Running Brook. Rather, the primary goals of the program are to build self-awareness and self-confidence, to learn and enhance leadership skills within a camp environment and to have fun and grow through a dynamic group experience.
"My child has been waiting years to be an LTP and has been so excited that she is finally old enough!"

"The LTP program provided excellent leadership training combined with daily opportunities to practice using these skills, while also providing some time to chill out with fellow LTP friends. It is a wonderful program for teens in this age range! My daughter learned new leadership skills, greatly appreciated the ongoing feedback from counselors on her efforts to assist with the younger campers, continued discovering & exploring her love for working with kids, had fun, and gained more self confidence. Many thanks to everyone involved with the program!"

"My son is a very shy/nervous kid. The LTP program was great for him in reaching beyond his comfort level in situations where he would have normally shy'd away. I have seen tremendous strides in his confidence in the few short weeks he was involved."


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